We boast a full range of modern equipment which pays off in the quality of our vehicles. A laser cutter is used to fabricate the carriage frame of half-inch steel which is one piece running the entire length of the body. No splices or welds.

The state-of-the-art commercial paint booth provides a controlled dust-free environment for painting and drying. Each coat of paint is given a 20-minute heat cycle then left in the booth overnight. Automotive primers for wood and metal and an acrylic enamel finish paint are used.

Troyer Carriage Company paints carriages in a variety of colors of your choice, white is most popular for weddings, however, the most traditional colors- black, dark green, maroon are also popular choices. Eye-catching colors such as pink, light blue and purple attract tourists. Whatever your choice... hot pink to formal black... pom pom fringe or chrome, we just smile and keep on building carriages...YOUR way!

Five full-time employees produce a handsome carriage in an average of 10 days. Pre-ordered vehicles account for nearly all our current production.

We had never been asked to build a carriage for a king before and really didn't know what to think when someone telephoned us with that request in April 1994! The urgent tone in the caller's voice and his willingness to pay cash in advance for the carriage quickly convinced us that this was a serious request! The caller was an employee of King Hassan II, monarch of Morocco, who said the carriage was to be a gift for the king's 65th birthday.

Normally, our vis-a-vis are delivered in one piece, fully assembled via train or boat, but not this time. This particular "king-sized" birthday present could not ride aboard a ship because delivery time was eight weeks--too late to be on time for the king's birthday on July 8th! Instead, it was delivered by jet from Kennedy International Airport in New York, across the Atlantic to Casablanca.

We hope this won't be the last time we are asked to build a carriage fit for a king! We think the king's staff learned about us from a Pennsylvania horse dealer--and now that we have made a "king's carriage", other owners of our vehicles can claim they ride in "royal style" because King Hassan's gleaming white vis-a-vis is of similar construction and quality that goes into ALL of our carriages.


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